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Art by Steve Shaw

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Key West Collection

Beach House Collection

Mountain House Collection

Pour Art Collection

Kid Art Collection


The technique I use to create these paintings is called Fluid Painting or Pour Painting. Each painting is made in one sitting while the paint is wet. Once I pour the paint on the canvas the dance begins.  The paint takes on a life of its own and it feels like there are two of us creating the image. The process is a delicate 'give and take' as I try to convince pools of moving liquid to become sky, land, and water.

about the artist

When I was  fresh out of college I tried to be a businessman. I was absolutely miserable. I quit my job, moved to Key West, Florida and found happiness. I spent 7 years in Key West living on my sailboat, running snorkeling trips to the reef and making some of the best friends I’ve ever known. It was a great place to spend my 20’s.


In 1994 the Beach Bum chapter of my life ended. I sold my boat and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new life with my wife, Natalie. I went back to school and earned an Art Education degree and found my dream job teaching art to kids. In this new chapter of life I was a father, a husband, and a teacher. I had found a new and equally wonderful form of happiness.

Two decades have flown by and you can see from the art I’ve produced that thoughts of the ocean, fishing, and the great outdoors have never left my mind.

My latest series called the Key West Collection is all about the clear water and huge skies one finds in the backcountry of the Florida Keys. Other works like the Beach House Series combine glowing, bright colors with the excitement of saltwater gamefish. The Mountain House Series is made up of fish sculptures that I create using sticks, shells and stones that I gather while hiking and fishing. You’ll also see the Pour Art Collection which was a fun side trip that gave me the skills I needed to create my poured landscapes.


This website allows me to share with you the creative adventure I’ve been on for the past 20 plus years. I hope you enjoy checking it out. Everything is for sale with original paintings being sold on Etsy and prints being sold at the Fine Art America website. If you have a favorite place that you would like for me to capture as a poured landscape, please let me know. I love doing commissioned pieces. Thank you for visiting my site.


All of my original artwork is available for purchase from Etsy.

Prints of my artwork are available for purchase from Fine Art America.

Please contact me for more information.

Tel: 404.293.7789

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Steve Shaw Studio
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