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Pour Art Collection

These Pour Paintings are so much fun to make. Last year I actually did two ‘Teacher’s Night Out' parties and taught 50 of our school faculty how to make these beautiful paintings. All of the paintings turned out beautiful and everyone had a ball. I became enthralled with pour painting a few years ago and spent two years exploring what it had to offer to me as an artist. There is an unpredictability and inherent beauty to this form of painting. You have to see one being created to understand. Making a pour painting is more of a dance than an act of will on the part of the artist. The artist and the paint have to agree to work together in order to create something beautiful. I credit the skills I learned from pour painting for giving me the skills I needed to create the Key West Collection. Currently I am only selling original paintings from this collection because the pricing for an original is so reasonable.  But if you see that a pour painting that you love is sold, contact me. I can arrange for a print to be made or I can make a similar original just for you.

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