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Kid Art Collection

I love my job! I have been teaching art to elementary aged children for almost 25 years. The kids I teach are awesome. They are all dyslexic and tend to see the world in a slightly different way than most people. I’m dyslexic too and I love working with these kids. Every day I’m sharing my gifts with them as they share their quirky creativity and energy with me. We do a lot of drawing in “Mr. Steve’s Art Class” and a few times a year I will find a drawing that knocks my socks off.  With only a tiny bit of shame — Picasso said “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” I use these unique drawings as inspiration to make a body of work I simply call KID ART.  If you need any prints or artwork for your nursery or child’s room, this is a great place to start. I have lots more of these to post — I just have to find the time to color them in!

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More Art Coming Soon…

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