Key West Collection

This collection of paintings is my most current work. It was inspired almost entirely by a photo I took of my daughter, Marin, while we were visiting friends in my old hometown of Key West, Florida. In the photo my lovely daughter stands proudly on a a paddle board with a glorious blue sky above her, an emerald green ocean below her, and a horizon line of mangrove islands separating the two. For two years prior I had been exploring the exciting world of Pour Painting (also known as fluid painting). In pour painting there is an experiential element that is hard to explain and almost addictive. The paint takes on a life of its own and all you can do is try to influence it. After two years of pour painting I had learned most of what I could from this style of painting (I have 30+ videos at to prove it). The next step came naturally, almost without thinking. I started using my pouring skills to create poured landscapes and seascapes.

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Calda Channel
Garrison Bight Channel
Marvin Key Channel
Summer Wave One
Snipe Keys
Barracuda Keys
Cow Key Channel
Bluefish Channel
East Harbor Key Channel
West Harbor Key Channel
Mud Key Channel
Snipes Point
Sweet Success
Johnson Key Channel
Happy Trees
Learning Curve Landscape
Summer Wave Two
Mysterious Little Landscape
Blue Matrix
Emerald Isles
Roots, Water, & Sky
Carpe Diem
Tree Line
Stormy Night on the Moors
Summer Squall
Sailor Take Warning
Fields of Gold
Finn's Fave
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