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Mountain House Collection

About 20 years ago, while hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I started gathering interesting looking sticks. Naturally I decided to use waxed twine to tie them together and form them into stick fish. These creations made for some cool sculpture but I didn’t have a good way to display them.  About 15 years ago I had a revelation after seeing an “Adirondack Frame” made out of cut branches.  I realized that a stick frame could be a great way to hold my fish, especially if I flooded the frame with clear epoxy resin which makes the entire scene appear to be under water. Since then I have continued gathering sticks, rocks, pods, palm fronds etc. from all of the places that I have been fishing, hiking and vacationing. Now instead of using paint to create an image, my palette is a table full of rocks, sticks and shells. When I see one of these sculptures hanging on the wall, my mind can’t help but flash back to the canoe trip or hike when I gathered all the parts that make up the whole visual experience. This is an on-going series and my garage is full of sticks, shells, and pods to prove it.

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