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Beach House Collection

The idea of combining sport fish with stained glass windows may seem a bit odd but the combination was simply the ‘next step’ in my artistic journey. A few years ago I became intrigued by the stained glass windows in our church, which led me to taking a short break from painting fish. Having learned what I could from the stained glass windows, I returned to my studio ready to paint.  The next step was obvious. I needed to take what I had learned about heavy lines and brilliant color, and apply that to the fish theme I was known for. At that moment The Beach House Series was born. I broke down the familiar images of marlin, dolphin, and sailfish into their most simple forms and bathed them in a pallet of brilliant, bright color. Most of these paintings are on Arches 22x30” paper but I painted 5 of the images on huge 3x4 foot canvases. Those paintings really light up a room!

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