BEaCH House Series.

The idea of combing sport fish with stained glass windows may seem a bit odd but the combination was simply the ‘next step’ in my artistic journey. A few years ago I became intrigued by the stained glass windows in our church, which lead me to taking a short break from painting fish. To create the  church windows, the artists used strips of lead to hold the individual pieces of glass together. I was intrigued by the way the thick, dark lines of the lead were used to simplify the image. Even though the lead strips were actually a structural element, the artists were able to incorporate them as a visual element to create a bold, strong images.  


The colors that the windows created also enticed me – they were glorious! On a cloudy day the colors were nice, but when the sun hit the windows the color was brilliant.  On sunny days the windows glowed with energy and excitement. I did several watercolor studies of my favorite windows and eventually did several full sized replicas of windows on canvas. Most of these I donated to the church.  


Having learned what I could from the stained glass, I returned to my studio ready to paint.  The next step was obvious. I needed to take what I had learned about heavy lines and color, and apply that to the fish theme I was known for. At that moment The Sunday Morning Series was born. I broke down the familiar images of marlin, dolphin, and sailfish into their most simple forms and bathed them in a pallet of brilliant, bright color. 


I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoy creating them. Most paintings in the series are large, 30” x 40”, and they totally light up a room.

The Beach House Series was inspired by the stained glass windows of St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

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